October 1, 2018

How to find your tribe after relocating

Relocating is both exciting and scary. You’ll be adjusting not only to a different geographic location, but also to a new community and social circle. Meeting people who share your interests can help you settle into your new home, but finding the time and energy to forge those friendships in the midst of a busy adult life is difficult. Keep reading for some of our tried-and-true ways to find your tribe in a new town.

Join the local gym

A gym membership is a worthwhile investment for both your health and your social life. If you establish a reliable workout schedule, you’ll start to see the same people over and over again, especially if you become a regular in your gym’s fitness classes. If lifting weights and jogging on the treadmill aren’t your thing, there are enough fitness studios around Jacksonville for you to find your preferred activity, whether that’s hot yoga, Muy Thai, or CrossFit.

Never been a gym member? All the more reason to sign up now! You’ll find it rewarding to not only meet new people, but to master new forms of fitness. And you’ll be surprised at how those good vibes can carry over into the rest of your life. Those endorphins can keep you going for hours after you’ve stopped sweating, which then give you the energy and confidence for other fun social outings.

Join a team

Your options for physical activity aren’t limited to a gym or studio. The fun, low-stress environment of a sports league or club is the perfect setting for adults to mingle. You’re probably aware of studies that show how after-work play and sports activity can benefit adults. And whether you’re renewing your old skills or learning a new game, there’s a team or club for you. The City of Jacksonville offers sports like softball, kickball, volleyball, basketball and pickleball.

Join a club

Whether you like wine tasting, book discussions, knitting, hiking, or even artificial intelligence, there’s a club of likeminded folks with whom you can share that interest. Meetup is a reliable online resource where people join or create groups based on specific interests, so peruse the existing clubs and upcoming events to see what catches your eye. If you’re shy or nervous about diving in, contact the group administer and let him or her know which event you plan to attend. That way, there’s someone ready to welcome you warmly and help introduce you to the other members.

Take the dog or kids out to play

If you’re the proud parent of a fur-baby, grab your leash and a few treats and take your pup to the local dog park, such as Surf City Bark Park. Dogs are often much more adept at mixing and mingling than their owners, so let Rufus break the ice for you. People tend to frequent dog parks in the neighborhood, so if you start going regularly, you’re likely to see the same folks over and over again. And if you have young children, the same concept applies to the playground. You’ll get to know moms and dads who are probably at similar points in their lives as you are, and might need someone to sit and chat with while the kids run off some excess energy.

If you’ve recently relocated, establishing your social circle can help you feel settled and comfortable. By using the tips above, you’ll view this life change not as an end, but as an exciting new beginning!