July 19, 2017

Three Reasons to Plan a North Carolina Retirement

After working hard, raising your family, and planning ahead, you’re finally ready to enjoy the ultimate reward—a North Carolina retirement! For many people, retiring from their career is a chance to make a fresh start, choosing a life that is based solely on their needs and preferences. Often, that means a move from the fast-paced, cold Northern states to the slower, more relaxed South. And who could blame them?

If you’re thinking of moving in a similar direction, you’ll want to put coastal North Carolina and The Preserve at Tidewater on your list of potential retirement destinations. What makes North Carolina such a great place to retire? Many different things! In this post, we share the top three. Ready, set, retire!

It’s affordable and tax-friendly.

Thanks to legislation passed in 2013, North Carolina has a very forgiving tax system. Social Security income is fully exempt from state income tax, and income taxes have been lowered to a flat rate—it’s currently sitting pretty at 5.49%. There is also no state estate tax, and the cost of living in general is lower-than-average. This all adds up to good news for those who are retiring, planning to live on a fixed income, or want to get the most bang for their remaining dollars.

The weather is warm and the ocean is always calling.

Most people automatically think of Florida as the ultimate destination for snowbirds looking to retire. North Carolina, however, is a better bet—especially for people who live in the tri-state area. Like Florida, the winters are balmy, it’s lined by beautiful beaches, and the climate is akin to a tropical paradise.  If you prefer seasons, however, don’t be alarmed—coastal North Carolina, where The Preserve at Tidewater is located, also boasts a gorgeous albeit brief spring full of beautiful azaleas, and a short, cool autumn that’s perfect for outdoor adventures. You get just enough variety to keep things interesting, without getting too cold! Plus it’s only a day’s drive from the family you left up North, which makes weekend visits a whole lot easier.

It offers Southern hospitality and a sense of community.

North Carolina offers all the best things about Southern hospitality—neighbors look out for each other, new arrivals are welcomed warmly, folks are respectful and polite, and no one is considered a stranger for long. This is great news for retirees who don’t want to spend their golden years isolated and alone, but would rather find a group of like-minded people with whom they can talk, share, and enjoy the finer things in life. This is exactly the kind of close-knit community The Preserve at Tidewater fosters, thanks to our public pool, fishing docks, nature trails, and cabana area.

If you’re planning your retirement down South, you’ll definitely want to put North Carolina on your list—specifically The Preserve at Tidewater. Browse our homes for sale or choose a lot and build your dream home. Here in Sneads Ferry, it’s all possible!